Specialty Glass

Pacific Windows and Doors has been supplying the world's finest specialty glass to architects, contractors, designers and home owners for more than 15 years. We are able to provide over 2,000 varieties of specialty glass features architectural glass, cast glass, tempered glass, etched glass, mouth blown antique glass, art glass, colored glass, as well as restoration type glass, , back painted glass, patterned glass and more if that doesn’t meet your needs. Pacific Windows and Doors will work with you to carefully select from factories worldwide to be used in unlimited applications for your projects such as glass walls, floors, ceilings, glass art, shower door glass, cabinet glass, furniture, glass shelving, as well as for use in corporate settings, private homes, schools and universities, museums and government institutions and buildings.

Pacific Windows and Doors is able to provide specialty glass products that have been made using advanced laminating and waterjet-cutting techniques, as well as processes for the decorative glass market. Pacific Windows and Doors art glasses can be provided in safety laminated form in compliance with modern building codes. Come visit with us and let us help you to experience our extensive product offerings.